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A new life for the product

At the end of the project, we will wish the new product many satisfied users, for whom the new product has relieved even one small problem.

We look forward to your next call with a new project. This will put you among our returning clients who inspire us, who we watch as they fulfill their dreams, with whom we are in professional and often friendly contact.



We will prepare production documentation

We communicate with production

After validation of the prototype, we will prepare production documentation for you, or communicate directly with production, either in-house or externally.

We will discuss our proposals with you

Your opinion is authoritative for us

During the entire process, we help you make the right decisions at key moments. Our opinion is always based on a given vision. You can listen to us or decide otherwise. Your word is the last in the project. Every decision moves the project in a certain direction and that is always better than standing still.



We define the vision

We will suggest alternative proposals

Vision combines intuition (emotion) and know-how (reason and data). Subsequently, we come up with tens to hundreds of ideas using proven methods. Ideas come in many forms. We capture them, for example, in sketches, collages, a morphological table or verbal notation. From all the ideas, we choose the most progressive ones to present to you. 

We will make a prototype

We will test the product

We will make adjustments

We develop the selected ideas and test the resulting prototype with users. Their feedback matters a lot. Based on the ideally measurable test results, we adjust the design and test again until the result exactly fulfills the vision.



We will process an external analysis

And internal analysis

In external analysis, we mainly study the market situation, your competitors, user needs and problems, and the development of trends in the given segment. The foundation of successful design innovation is undoubtedly a solid vision.

In the internal analysis, we map the production technologies of your company or your suppliers. We will familiarize ourselves with the product portfolio, the existing marketing strategy and the role of all stakeholders in the project.

Project preparation


We will create a schedule

We will propose a budget

We will determine the methods

According to the assignment, we will prepare the most important documents - the project schedule, a variant price offer and suitable methods for solving the design. If you have a given budget, we will definitely take it into account in our offer.

We will confirm the order

Everything is under your control

We will discuss with you the details of the order, or another form of our agreement, including license settings. The less red tape, the more time for great design. You must be fully in control of the project, and the black-and-white agreement is a good map for orientation.

We clarify the motivations and goals of the project

We define the assignment

We will estimate the time required

During the first meeting, we listen to you well and try to understand your true motivations and wishes. In the discussion, we quickly articulate the requirements for the project, define the terms of reference and the time horizon for launching the product on the market.

Do you want to develop a new successful product or redesign an older one?
Get to know the vinvin studio.
Cooperation with us on design development takes place according to the rules.

Do you have a head full of ideas? Or are you thinking about redesigning an older product? Then you came to the right place.

Do you rely on your own intuition? Take a look at our portfolio and get an idea of how we work.

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