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Do you find it difficult to navigate in the world of design?

Consultation will help you when

A short consultation for free and you are on right track

you don't know whether the design will be benefit for your project.

you have an idea and need advice on how to efficiently create a prototype or product.

you want to independently evaluate the design of the product, graphics or interior.

you are currently looking for a designer to work with.

Together we will find a date for an online meeting or a phone call.


Write us your thoughts about the project and the proposed date of meeting and send it to


​​​​A half-hour conversation with our designer costs you nothing but can help a lot.


We will advise you about the next direction of the project.


If ½ hour is not enough, we will arrange a follow-up consultation with an hourly rate of 1,250 CZK without VAT, paid in advance.

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