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01. Rotisserie

Design of accessories for the Czech manufacturer of grills Vulcanus®. The rotisserie is placed on multifunctional supports fixed in the holes in the corners of the grill. You can grill meat and sausages on three levels above the fire.

02. Asado

Design of accessories for the Czech manufacturer of grills Vulcanus®. Asado is a South American way of grilling meat where the meat is mounted crosswise and tilted over the fire.

03. Bed design - Dolory

Bed design for Czech manufacturer Blanář nábytek a.s.. In the process we used the VIP - Vision In Product Design method, with which we designed a product that will be relevant in 10 years.

"In the domain of people's sleep and rest, the Blanář company wants bedroom equipment to provide quality natural sleep and be a means of expressing social status."

04. Closing nail file

Design of a plastic closing cover for a glass nail file for the Czech company Blažek Glass s.r.o.

05. Robotized warehouse for medicine

Design of cover for robotic warehouse and drug dispenser for use in pharmacy. Competition proposal for the Italian company Pharmathek, which placed 3rd.

06. Voronoi

A concept car that showcases the possibilities of generative patterns applied to the front and rear lights, interior details and seats. These parametric patterns are beginning to be used in the automotive industry as well as in architecture.

07. Jablotron ExCity

For the Czech company Jablotron Alarms as we designed a set of home security products using the VIP - Vision In Product Design method.

Concerns of people in the future context:

• information overload
• inefficient use of time
• constant interference from modern technologies


"In the domain of home security, Jablotron wants to deliver an advanced system that does not disturb users, does not overwhelm them and fits seamlessly into everyday life."

08. 陽光

Interior lighting design for the Chinese company Klumia Lightning - Huayi group.

09. Hidden essence

Design of a set of interior lighting fixtures with a central three-armed element. The element is used for a ceiling, wall or as a floor lamp.

10. Seyvester

The Seyvester is a tracked machine for harvesting wood in rugged terrain. The design was created in a group as semester project at the Department of Industrial Design FMI BUT in Brno, the co-authors of which are designers Jiří Malík and Tomáš Novotný. The main theme of this vision is to explore the possibilities of harvesting machines in the near future, including control elements and graphic processing of displays.

11. Needle

Design of ballpoint pen and marker made for Japanese stationery manufacturer Zebra Co. Ltd. The proposal was part of a competition in which he advanced to the second round of selection.

04. Glass file case for Blažek Glass s.r.o
02. VULCANUS® Asado
03. Dolory bed for Blanář nábytek a.s.
01. VULCANUS® Rotisserie
05. Robotic medicine warehouse for Pharmathek
06. Automotive concept - Voronoi
08. Interior lighting design for the Chinese company Klumia
10. Concept of forest harvestor - Seyvester
11. Set of stationery for the Japanese manufacturer Zebra Co. Ltd.
07. Jablotron ExCity - product concepts
09. Hidden essence - interior lighting

Product design is our passion.

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