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01. NORDIC - hot tub roofing design

Roofing concept for a Czech company Alukov a.s.. Construction is made of aluminum profiles. The length of the roof is 3 m. The axis of the roof is slightly raised to allow rainwater to run off to the sides. The walls are made up of transparent panels that are fixed in the grooves of the profiles in such a way, that they can be moved individually and create so a space for entry. The interior can be equipped with accessories, such as a suspended fireplace.

02. Design of an attic apartment in Olomouc

We designed the interior of an apartment in the attic of a family house for a client in Olomouc (CZE). During the renovation, the main issues were in arrangement of individual rooms in such a way as to make maximum use of the attic area and sufficient interior lighting. An interesting feature is the stairs leading from the living area to the "gallery" above the entrance corridor.

03. Public transport shelter for the capital Prague

The public transport shelter was designed as part of a tender in which we took 5th place. Center of the design of bus stop shelter. People who live, work, travel and use public transport in Prague. We want people, to perceive public transport as the best way of city transport through the city furniture and to enjoy waiting for bus or tram alone or while talking to others.

04. Exhibition panel design

For the exhibition Stavby čtvrtstoletí, we designed a series of outdoor exhibition panels. We coordinated production and installation. The ceremonial opening took place on 2. October 2019 in the Salla Terrena of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The graphic design of the panels was designed by studio  mowshe .

01. Hot tub roofing design for Alukov a.s. - NORDIC
02. Layout and interior design of an apartment in Olomouc
03. Public transport shelter for Prague (competition)
04. Design of an exhibition panel for public space

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